Comprehensive treatment in adult age groups is similar to that during teenage years however the jaws have ceased growing in adults.  Braces or aligners are used to reach treatment goals.  However often other forms of dental treatment than braces alone (e.g. gum health, crown and bridge, implants, oral surgery) are required to reach the overall goal.

If there is a minor discrepancy between the top and bottom jaw position the teeth may be able to be moved to mask the jaw problem.  However in more severe cases of jaw discrepancy oral surgery may be required to move the jaws into a new position to allow the teeth to fit together correctly.

Comprehensive treatment at this age allows:

  • A more attractive smile and improved self confidence
  • Potential for improved cleaning ability with well aligned teeth
  • Position teeth to allow other dental treatments (implants, bridges etc.)
  • Coordination of the top and bottom jaws
  • Improved bite with reduction of abnormal wear of tooth surfaces
  • Reduced strain on the jaw joints and muscles of the face

Treatment times are usually longer in adults as the teeth and jaws are not as easy to manipulate.  Despite this most treatments are completed within 24 months.