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It all Starts with a Smile! Please enjoy this flip book of some Smiles Dr Blandy at Cairns Ortho has brought to Life over the past 5 years!

A few more cases in detail...

Case 1

Correction of Anterior Open Bite in a patient in her late 20’s.

Anterior Open Bite is a dental malocclusion in which the upper and lower incisors don’t meet when the patient has their jaws together. This can present issues with speech and eating food. In this case correction of the Anterior Open Bite was achieved in 17 months and the appliance system used was Invisalign.

Case 2

Correction of Protrusive teeth and Narrow arches in Patient in late 20’s.

Patient presented wanting aesthetic improvement. The bite and protrusive teeth were corrected with 21 Months of Invisalign

Case 3

Narrow Arches and Posterior Cross Bite correction in Growing Patient

Correction of patients malocclusion was achieved with twelve months of a Rapid Maxillary Expander , extraction of 4 premolars (2 in the upper arch and 2 in the lower). Followed by 18 months of Braces.

Case 4

Reverse Overjet correction in Growing Patient

Reverse Overjet is a dental malocclusion in which the lower front teeth are sitting in front of the upper front teeth. This can make it difficult to Eat and Smile. Jaw surgery options were explored for this patient, however declined. This is a non-surgical camouflage outcome treated with a Rapid Maxillary Expander and Braces. The total treatment time was 22 Months.

Case 5

Correction of Traumatic Deep Bite with assistance of Orthognathic Surgery

Mature age patient presents with a traumatic deep bite. Deep bite refers to the overlap of the upper and lower front teeth. In this case there is too much overlap and the lower front teeth are causing trauma to the roof of the mouth. Correction of the bite in this case was achieved with 22 months of pre surgical braces. This was followed by Mandibular advancement surgery and genioplasty of the chin performed by Dr Brian Finn at Cairns Oral Surgery. After surgery Braces were required for another 6 months to fine tune the bite.

Case 6

Crowding and Anterior Cross Bites

Crowding is a very common dental malocclusion in which there isn’t enough space for all the teeth in the arch as they are erupting resulting in teeth being ‘crooked’. In this case the crowding and anterior cross bite was resolved with 23 months of Invisalign.