As part of your treatment we may ask you to wear rubber bands between your top and bottom teeth called Elastics. Elastics play an important role in orthodontic treatment as they provide some of the forces needed to move teeth into their correct position.

To ensure the progression of your treatment you must carefully follow the instructions given to you regarding attaching and using your elastics.  It is important to wear your elastics as often as possible as the more you wear them the faster your treatment will progress.

If you have any problems with your elastics such as elastics breaking frequently, a wire or bracket loosening, or a hook breaking off please call our office immediately. It is important any problems are dealt with and corrected promptly to avoid increasing your treatment time.

If your supply of elastics runs low please call our office and we can mail more to you.

Using your elastics

At first your elastics may cause you some discomfort. This is normal because your teeth are moving.  Usually your teeth will only be uncomfortable for a few days. However if you don’t wear your elastics continuously as instructed it can prolong the discomfort as your teeth will take longer to move.

It is your responsibility to place your elastics on your braces between appointments. Here are some helpful tips for wearing and looking after your elastics:

  1. Wear your elastics full time. Elastics should only be removed to eat or brush your teeth. They must be put back on immediately after finishing.
  2. Always carry spare elastics. This is important because if an elastic breaks you need to be able to replace it right away. If you run low on elastics contact our office to receive more.
  3. Elastics can become fatigued and lose their stretch. As a result they also lose their ability to move teeth. It is important to replace your elastics at the start of ever day even if they are not broken.
  4. If you forget to wear your elastics one day, don’t double up the next. Just continue wearing your elastics as instructed and try not to forget again.
  5. In order for elastics to be effective they need to be worn full time. If you leave your elastics off for more than an hour each day, your teeth will move very slowly, if at all.