We understand the financial strain associated with orthodontic treatment and have devised the following options to assist:

Discount to full upfront payments:

The full treatment amount is not required straight away however a discount will be awarded to all full upfront payments

Interest free payment plan:

A payment plan can be used consisting of an initial upfront fee payable on placement of the appliances, followed by monthly instalments debited from your bank account or credit card.

Direct Debit:

A direct debit facility is provided through our financial institution.  This allows you to ‘set and forget’ at no additional charge.  No need to remember to bring funds to your appointment as it is all arranged electronically.

There are no hidden costs.  Your treatment quote is inclusive of all appointments and appliances required.


We are a HICAPS friendly practice.  If your private health fund is registered with HICAPS we can process your claim in house.  No need to travel to your private health fund to claim your benefit.

Please ask if you need any more information clarifying your financial options.

For participating health funds with HICAPS click the button below.