No two mouths are identical and because of this, the length and complexity of treatment for one person can be drastically different to another. As with any job in any industry, a quote for work cannot be given until the amount of work required is determined.

Your first visit with Cairns Specialist Orthodontists will go for approximately 30 minutes during which time your teeth and jaws will be assessed and probable treatment options will be discussed. Ideally you will have a set of x-rays taken prior to this appointment however this is not essential.

Some records will need to be taken including photographs of your teeth and face, and study models of both your top and bottom teeth. These are essential to allow the correct treatment plan to be tailored for you and ensure treatment is tracking correctly once we’ve begun. Careful analysis of these records will allow us to answer detailed questions you may have and promote a high quality result to be achieved for you.

A second appointment is usually required to discuss the findings of your records once they have been assessed. At this time details of your proposed treatment options will be discussed including the time frame involved and financial scheduling. The goal of this appointment is to clarify any aspect of the treatment options proposed to ensure you are able to make an informed decision before committing to orthodontic treatment.