Meet our 3D Technology :
Itero Scanner and Sprintray Pro 3D Printer

Here at Cairns Specialist Orthodontists we are proud to use all of the latest 3D technology to achieve your smile goals!

What does being a digital practice mean for you?

It means when you visit our office you no longer need to have those ‘gooey’ impressions taken! Our iTero scanner allows us to take an accurate 3D impression and scan of your teeth without the need for the gooey materials more commonly used.

We have an in-house Lab and 3D printer to make retainers and appliances eliminating the need to send away for them which means smaller wait times on new appliances. We use the scans to send your models digitally to external labs for construction of custom Orthodontic appliances which eliminates the need to ship them via post and decreases wait time.

Why do we take impressions/scans?

These impressions/scans can be used to print Diagnostic models to help with treatment planning and form part of your Orthodontic records. During the scan we can ensure your comfort by allowing you to take a break or swallow during the procedure. This eliminates the need to ‘retake’ an impression.

You can check out your new smile:

Once your teeth have been scanned our Orthodontist can design your new smile and show your treatment options digitally, giving you a sneak peek into what it could look like!